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Configure ignoring change in size of a message
Patch is available for version: alpine snapshot alpine 0.82 alpine 0.83 alpine 0.98 alpine 0.99 alpine 0.999 alpine 0.9999 alpine 0.99999 alpine 0.999999 alpine 1.99 alpine 1.999 alpine 2.19.4 alpine 2.19.5 alpine 2.19.6 alpine 2.19.7 alpine 2.19.99 alpine 2.20.1 alpine 2.20.3 alpine 2.20.4 alpine 2.20.5 alpine 2.20.6 alpine 2.20.7 alpine 2.20.8 alpine 2.20.9
When you save a message residing in an imap server, Alpine checks to see if the size reported by the server matches the size computed by Alpine. If these two numbers don't match, Alpine will fail to save such message.
This patch adds the feature ignore-size-changes, which when enabled makes Alpine ignore these errors, and still save messages whose size do not match the reported match.
It is recommnended that this feature be disabled most of the time and only enabled when you find a server which reports sizes incorrectly, for the behavior in Alpine is preventing you from losing data, in case there is a real error when saving the message from an IMAP server.

Last Updated 20:11:22 MST Sun Nov 15 2015.